This page provides links to three professional scripts written by Brad Aisa.

Riker Non Grata (an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation)

This script was submitted to the open script submissions process established for the series by the producers and Paramount. Unfortunately, it featured 2 major plot devices that were coincidentally very similar to those in 2 episodes produced in the same season. (The timing made it a true coincidence.) My script though was seemingly used as the basis for the episode Second Chances in a later season. I was very annoyed they gave me no screen credit or partial payment. (Industry standards say I should have received a “based on” credit, and 1/3 scale payment.) In any case, my original episode was (in my humble opinion) vastly superior… You decide!

Good Copy (based on the short story by Ayn Rand)

Rand’s longtime friend, and heir to her estate, Leonard Peikoff once related that Rand told a class of friends she was giving story writing lessons to, that she was going to read a story by a novice author, and asked them to tell her if they thought the author had any potential. Apparently, some of the students realized who the author was right away. But others did not, and were suprised, and even a bit indignant when learning it was Rand’s. “But it’s so… unserious! It doesn’t deal with any big themes or important issues like in Atlas Shrugged!” Rand’s response was the it dealt with the most important issue of all: whether man could live and flourish and be happy in reality or not. She said that this story was an example of what she called “the benevolent universe”, the kind of world where life was not just possible, but all the important problems had been solved, and the only thing left was to pursue values and enjoy life. So this kind of “unserious”, playful, benevolent story embodies what Rand believes is the essence of life. I had to expand the story somewhat to fill a feature length story. However I believe I succeeded in capturing the playful spirit of the original, while expanding some characters and events only briefly mentioned, but in a manner consistent with the overall theme and tone. It is somewhat reminiscent of the movie Ruthless People. I hope you enjoy it!

Radiant Cool (based on the novel by Dan Lloyd)

I wrote this script while working as a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Colorado at Boulder. After meeting Dan Lloyd, and reading his novel, I thought it would make a fantastic movie! So with his blessing, I adapted it. The script follows the first half of the book fairly closely, but then takes a 90 degree turn, into post-modern, self-referential cinematic territory, in keeping with the spirit of the book in which the author Dan himself is also a character.