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Juristocracy (from the latin root juris, which means “of Law” from Roman Law) is the first new political system since Fascism and Communism, and is the antithesis of those and all other statist political systems. Based on individual rights and the morality of rational egoism, it addresses the contradictions and statist elements that have been explicitly or implicitly at the base of all semi-free societies so far. It is the antidote to today’s march into statism by free societies. Read about it in the essays below. And then tell others, and start fighting for your freedom.

Essays on Juristocracy

An Introduction to Juristocracy


Abortion Rights and Personhood in Juristocracy

The question of when rights begin is critical. Conservatives, who nominally repudiate the left and claim to value freedom, are actually worse than liberals at undermining freedom and rights, due to their incessant attacks on rights by attempts to legislate their moral views. If someone opposes abortion rights, they are your enemy, period. The probability they will ever change their view is effectively zero. Their principal is so inimical to rights, so profoundly contrary to the essence of rights, that they flat out do not understand or support rights. Any superficial claims they make about freedom or opposing liberals are word salad. They do not understand the distinction between morality and rights, and because they value using government coercion to impose their morality as a MUCH higher goal than securing individual rights, they are worse than useless as a coalition partner. You’d frankly be better served teaming up with an anarchist. Read the essay below.

Abortion Rights and Personhood in Juristocracy